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Why fly to Italy when you can have an authentic, homemade italian meal right here in Pennsylvania. From the wood fired oven cooking the perfect pizza or calzone to the homemade sausage stuffed hot peppers, the feel of Italy is in every bite. If you have never been to 2Tomato, take it from a food critic, you are really missing out. Nino starts the sauce at 8AM from the finest tomatoes from the San Marzzano region of Italy, and slowly creates the magic he calls his tomato sauce. Seasoned with the freshest herbs and spices, it's no wonder it tastes like a little piece of heaven. The atmosphere, the food, the patrons and the staff make it impossible to leave there without having one of the most fabulous dining experiences of your life. Located in New Castle, this quaint and romantic restaurant will dazzle not only your sense of taste but it will intrigue all of your other senses as well.
Whether you are in jeans or a tie, you'll feel at home!
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